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About Markus

Markus Almond went from living in a storage shed with zero followers and zero fans to…

Licensing his music 60+ times to TV networks MTV, VH1, E! Network…

Becoming a best-selling author and having his works shared to millions of people by the world’s top influencers…

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Markus went on to write 7 books and now teaches others how to build their audience doing what they love. His work has reached the best-sellers list on Amazon and has been featured everywhere from the Museum of Modern Art to NCIS: New Orleans on CBS.

“Inspiring and motivating.” - Travis Barker

“One of the best reads about life and success that I have read in a long time.” - Rob Dyrdek

It wasn’t always easy. There were a lot of failures and struggles along the way. Yet Markus dedicated his life to learning how to build an audience.

Today he coaches Creative Influencers like you how to build an audience and create a lucrative business around a passion.

If you’re looking to build a brand and attract an audience, Markus Almond will show you exactly how to do it.

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